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Characteristics of compact ring spinning technology

2020-02-20 17:35:01

Compact ring spinning technology has the following advantages.

(1) The yarn structure has been improved. Because the whiskers output the former roller are immediately controlled by the condensing air flow the corresponding mechanism, the axial tension of the whiskers is - constant during the condensing, the straightness of the spun yarn fiber is improved, the fluffy degree is much less than that of the ordinary ring spun yarn, the hairiness is little, the yarn body is smooth.

(2) Improve yarn quality. The most important thing is that the hairiness of yarn is greatly reduced. Secondly, under the same twist, the yarn strength breaking elongation increase significantly.

(3) The production process has good ecology. Due to the lack of hairiness, the singeing process can be omitted, the sizing desizing amount can be reduced, the waxing process can be omitted. The omission of singeing process means the reduction of cotton (wool) consumption. The amount of sizing desizing is reduced, the environmental pollution is reduced.

(4) Fabric quality comfort are improved. Due to less hairiness of compact yarn high parallel straightness of fiber, the fabric has high wear resistance, improved luster clear cloth surface, especially the pattern of printed jacquard fabric becomes clearer. As the same yarn strength is achieved, the twist can be reduced by about 20%, so the fabric feels soft, delicate comfortable.

(5) Economic benefits have been improved. Due to the reduction of hairiness the improvement of spinning strength, flying flowers broken ends are reduced production efficiency is improved. With the decrease of twist, the output is increased. The processes of singeing waxing are removed, the technological process is shortened.

The main disadvantage of compact ring spinning frame is that it makes the structure of spinning frame more complex increases the cost of equipment investment power consumption.

4 Conclusion

Compact ring spinning technology can improve yarn quality, especially reduce hairiness improve yarn strength. However, if the enterprise wants to introduce foreign equipment, the equipment investment cost is also relatively expensive. Therefore, the enterprise should take into account the products funds it produces. At the same time, the domestic textile enterprises should also research develop the compact ring spinning frame which has its own characteristics can be accepted by textile enterprises as soon as possible, so as to improve the competitiveness of China's textile products in the international market.



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